Ushamami (Mena Sachdev) is a dj, producer, and multi-instrumentalist who intertwines RnB, house, experimental, ambient, and much more. She started out playing guitar in jazz, RnB, and hip hop bands, but has since fallen in love with electronic music and shifted her focus to her solo project. She cites a wide range of influences, including Prince, Pamela Z, and Talk Talk, and is constantly experimenting with sonic textures to create a complex, groove-based sound. Her music centers her identities as a queer non binary south asian, and she has committed her musical career to creating space for queer futures through throwing shows, collaboration, and activism. Based out of Brooklyn, she has performed all over the east coast as a dj, solo act, and with a live band, and has opened for many accomplished artists including Princess Nokia, Yves Tumor and Phony Ppl. She self-released her debut EP Proximity in June 2018. In February 2019, she dropped a joint single and music video ‘Jinx’ via Dazed Magazine.